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Abstract art often raises

more questions than

answers, so we invited

some fans of Simon’s work

to send in any questions

they might have about his

recent paintings. Here are

just five of our favourites:

What interests you most about painting?

I could answer this differently every day, but it’s all about the

textureat themoment. I’mfocusingonaddingaheavily sculptured

element to the work so I start out placing large amounts medium

down to dictate the direction I work in with the paint..

Has anything changed in your life recently as I think your

new work has been incredibly powerful?

We moved house about a year ago and with the fabulous location

being so close to the sea we get amazing vistas of sunrise and

sunset. We also watch storms roll in and the sea becoming totally

wild, so there’s inspiration right on my doorstep.

Does your subject matter reflect your mood?

Absolutely. Every day my work is a direct reflection of my mood,

from the colours I choose to the method I apply the paint with.

It really ebbs and flows, feverish to calm, so I try to use music to

focus my mind and create some harmony.

What is your preferred medium and why?

I’d say at the moment it’s oil due to the way the paint moves

around the canvas but that could easily change tomorrow. I’m

also into using inks and liquid acrylics in small amounts and am

currently exploring ways in which I can use texture to alter the

perception of the piece when it is viewed from different angles.

I know a lot of people including me have a strong emotional

reaction to your work. Do you?

Yes definitely. Because my personality is a big part of what I

paint, I do become incredibly emotionally connected to my work,

almost treating it as though it’s a living thing.