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Through its extraordinary beauty and radiance, Simon’s work

encourages us to embrace abstract art. Abstracts are of course all

about communicating with the individual and taking the viewer on their

own very personal journey. There are no right or wrong answers when

describing what we see in these paintings; Simon gives us clues with

his poetic titles for each work, but it is the emotional reaction of the

individual viewer to each individual work that sets up that all important

dialogue and turns a painting into a conversation.

Sometimes characterised as a ‘radical impressionist’, Simon has

attracted significant attention for his growing collection of colour burst

oil paintings. He has a host of admirers and is widely collected but

perhaps the greatest accolade of his career came when the world’s

most celebrated theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen

Hawking, saw his work and commented,

High praise indeed.

Dramatic, atmospheric and totally captivating, Simon’s dynamic

abstracts are widely collected by both private and corporate clients,

located around the globe, and have appeared in many prestigious

exhibitions and galleries.

“It looks like

everything about space

I cannot explain.”